“I’m afraid that I can not cope with training”

From the seventh grade I have successfully participated in olympiads and contests in biology. I really like it, everything seems to be good. But I’m afraid the upcoming difficulties. Complex material, preparation for the stages of competitions, a dense schedule scares. It seems that I can’t handle. Now I am in the ninth grade, but next year it will be even more difficult. I try not to think about it, but what to do next? How to overcome fear and uncertainty? Maybe biology is not mine and you should not continue?

You already have experience, for two years you participated in the Olympiads, and most importantly – you like biology. Now you are scared, because you are not very good as you can cope with the new requirements. This does not mean that biology is not your.

It should be borne in mind that, according to the studies of the brain of adolescents, the tonsil, which is responsible for rapid emotional reactions, develops faster and earlier than the frontal bark. She controls thinking and matures later. It turns out that the teenager impulsively reacts due to the specifics of the brain development.

At the same time, at your age, the connections between neurons (nerve cells) are strengthened, which allows you to coordinate thinking, actions and behavior more efficiently. You experience panic and fear, but your brain will help you quickly absorb http://kitchenerairporttaxiservice.com/2023/08/09/der-weg-in-krypto-zu-investieren-in/ a more complex training program and successfully control emotions.

Understanding the processes of development will help to relate to what you feel and not change plans. Enjoy knowledge and enjoy your studies, you will succeed.

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